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Create your own token with TypeScript

· 2 min read
Raza Zaidi
Devin Rattray

Create ERC20 tokens that can be used as your own currency with the thirdweb TypeScript SDK.


You can deploy a Token via the dashboard, but in this guide, we'll demonstrate how to do it using TypeScript!

Create a new folder on your computer called my-token, and within this folder, create a file called mint-token.ts.

Installing TypeScript SDK

Install the required dependencies to get started with thirdweb, by running the following command inside your my-token folder.:

npm install @thirdweb-dev/sdk

Deploying a Token Contract

To deploy a Token using the SDK, we can make use of the sdk.deployer, which can create any of our pre-built contracts!

To deploy from your wallet, you'll first need to export your wallet's private key.

How to export your private key

Learn how to export your private key from your wallet.


Ensure you store and access your private key securely.

  • Never commit any file that may contain your private key to your source control.

Learn more about securely accessing your private key.

Now we're ready to deploy the Token!

import { ThirdwebSDK } from "@thirdweb-dev/sdk";

async function main() {
const NETWORK = "mumbai";

// Learn more about securely accessing your private key:
const sdk = ThirdwebSDK.fromPrivateKey(

const deployedAddress = await sdk.deployer.deployToken({
name: "My Token",
primary_sale_recipient: "0x-your-public-wallet-address-here",

// Add the next code snippet here


Before we run this script, let's add some code to some tokens immediately after we create the smart contract!

Minting Tokens

To mint tokens, we:

  • Get the token contract using its contract address
  • Call the mintTo function with our address and desired quantity

Be sure to replace the primary_sale_recipient and toAddress with a valid wallet address.

const tokenContract = sdk.getToken(deployedAddress);

const toAddress = "0x-your-public-wallet-address-here"; // Address of the wallet you want to mint the tokens to
const amount = "1.5"; // The amount of this token you want to mint

const transaction = await tokenContract.mintTo(toAddress, amount);


To run the script, run:

npx ts-node mint-token.ts

That's it!

Congratulations! You have created your own ERC20 token!

Learn more about what you can do with this contract via the SDK from the pre-built contract page.