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thirdweb TypeScript SDK

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Best in class Web3 SDK for Browser, Node and Mobile apps


Install the latest version of the SDK with npm:

npm install @thirdweb-dev/sdk ethers

or with yarn:

yarn add @thirdweb-dev/sdk ethers

Quick start

1. Deploy & customize your contracts

  • Using your thirdweb dashboard (recommended)
  • Using the SDK directly (for advanced use cases)

2. Reading data from your contracts

The quickest way to get started is to use the SDK as read only (no transactions). This will allow you to query data from any contract with no additional setup.

// my_script.js
import { ThirdwebSDK } from "@thirdweb-dev/sdk";

// instantiate the SDK in read-only mode (our example is running on `polygon` here)
// all major chains and testnets are supported (e.g. `mainnet`, `rinkeby`, `goerli`, 'polygon', 'mumbai', etc.)
const sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("polygon");

// access your deployed contracts
const nftDrop = sdk.getNFTDrop("0x...");
const marketplace = sdk.getMarketplace("0x...");

// Read from your contracts
const claimedNFTs = await nftDrop.getAllClaimed();
const listings = await marketplace.getActiveListings();

You can execute this code as a node script by executing:

node my_script.js

3. Executing transactions on your contracts

In order to execute transactions on your contract, the SDK needs to know which wallet is executing those transactions. This can be done two ways:

  • Using your own private key (typically used in the backend or scripts)
  • By connecting to a user wallet (typically used in the frontend)

3.1 Backend / Scripting usage

Here's how to provide your own private key to the SDK to perform transactions with your account from scripts or from a node.js backend:

// my_script.js
import { ThirdwebSDK } from "@thirdweb-dev/sdk";

// Learn more about securely accessing your private key:
const privateKey = "<your-private-key-here>";
// instantiate the SDK based on your private key, with the desired chain to connect to
const sdk = ThirdwebSDK.fromPrivateKey(privateKey, "polygon");

// deploy contracts
const deployedAddress = sdk.deployer.deployNFTCollection({
name: "My NFT Collection",
primary_sale_recipient: "0x...",

// access your deployed contracts
const nftCollection = sdk.getNFTCollection(deployedAddress);

// Execute transactions on your contracts from the connected wallet
const walletAddress = "0x...";
await nftCollection.mintTo(walletAddress, {
name: "Cool NFT",
description: "Minted NFT from code!",
image: fs.readFileSync("path/to/image.png"), // This can be an image url or file

You can execute this code as a node script by executing:

node my_script.js

3.2 Frontend usage

For frontend applications, head over to our React Github repo which shows you how to connect to a user's wallet like Metamask, and automatically instantiate the thirdweb SDK for you.

Easiest way to get started on the frontend is using one of our templates in the thirdweb examples repo.

API Reference & code examples

Build from source

To build the project:

yarn install
yarn build

After building, to run the tests (requires a local hardhat node running):

yarn test:all


If you have make and docker installed you can simply run

make test

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