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ThirdwebSDK class

The main entry point for the thirdweb SDK


export declare class ThirdwebSDK extends RPCConnectionHandler

Extends: RPCConnectionHandler


(constructor)(network, options, storage)Constructs a new instance of the ThirdwebSDK class


authWalletAuthenticatorEnable authentication with the connected wallet
deployerContractDeployerNew contract deployer
storageRemoteStorageUpload and download files from IPFS or from your own storage service
walletUserWalletInteract with the connected wallet


fromPrivateKey(privateKey, network, options, storage)static(BETA) Get an instance of the thirdweb SDK based on a private key.
fromSigner(signer, network, options, storage)static(BETA) Get an instance of the thirdweb SDK based on an existing ethers signer
getBalance(address)Get the native balance of a given address (wallet or contract)
getContract(address)(BETA) Get an instance of a Custom ThirdwebContract
getContractFromAbi(address, abi)(BETA) Get an instance of a Custom contract from a json ABI
getContractList(walletAddress)Return all the contracts deployed by the specified address
getEdition(address)Get an instance of an Edition contract
getEditionDrop(address)Get an instance of a Edition Drop contract
getMarketplace(address)Get an instance of a Marketplace contract
getMultiwrap(address)(BETA) Get an instance of a Multiwrap contract
getNFTCollection(address)Get an instance of a NFT Collection contract
getNFTDrop(contractAddress)Get an instance of a Drop contract
getPack(address)Get an instance of a Pack contract
getSplit(address)Get an instance of a Splits contract
getToken(address)Get an instance of a Token contract
getTokenDrop(address)Get an instance of a Token Drop contract
getVote(address)Get an instance of a Vote contract
updateSignerOrProvider(network)Update the active signer or provider for all contracts