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Direct listings


// Data of the listing you want to create
const listing = {
// address of the NFT contract the asset you want to list is on
assetContractAddress: "0x...",
// token ID of the asset you want to list
tokenId: "0",
// when should the listing open up for offers
startTimestamp: new Date(),
// how long the listing will be open for
listingDurationInSeconds: 86400,
// how many of the asset you want to list
quantity: 1,
// address of the currency contract that will be used to pay for the listing
currencyContractAddress: NATIVE_TOKEN_ADDRESS,
// how much the asset will be sold for
buyoutPricePerToken: "1.5",

const tx = await;
const receipt = tx.receipt; // the transaction receipt
const listingId =; // the id of the newly created listing

// And on the buyers side:
// Quantity of the asset you want to buy
const quantityDesired = 1;
await, quantityDesired);


direct: MarketplaceDirect;


Create and manage direct listings in your marketplace.