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NFTDrop.claimTo() method

Claim unique NFTs to a specific Wallet


const address = "{{wallet_address}}"; // address of the wallet you want to claim the NFTs
const quantity = 1; // how many unique NFTs you want to claim

const tx = await contract.claimTo(address, quantity);
const receipt = tx.receipt; // the transaction receipt
const claimedTokenId =; // the id of the NFT claimed
const claimedNFT = await; // (optional) get the claimed NFT metadata


claimTo(destinationAddress: string, quantity: BigNumberish, checkERC20Allowance?: boolean): Promise<TransactionResultWithId<NFTMetadataOwner>[]>;


destinationAddressstringAddress you want to send the token to
quantityBigNumberishQuantity of the tokens you want to claim
checkERC20Allowanceboolean(Optional) Optional, check if the wallet has enough ERC20 allowance to claim the tokens, and if not, approve the transfer



  • an array of results containing the id of the token claimed, the transaction receipt and a promise to optionally fetch the nft metadata


Let the specified wallet claim NFTs.