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RemoteStorage.upload() method

Upload any data to an IPFS directory. We'll handle all the details for you, including pinning your files and making sure that you get the fastest upload speeds.


// File upload
const files = [fs.readFileSync("file1.png"), fs.readFileSync("file2.png")];
const result = await;
// uri for each uploaded file will look like something like: ipfs://<hash>/0

// JSON metadata upload
const jsonMetadata = {
name: "Name",
description: "Description",
const result = await;

// Upload progress (browser only)
const result = await, {
onProgress: (event: UploadProgressEvent) => {
console.log(`Downloaded ${event.progress} / ${}`);


upload(data: FileOrBuffer[] | JsonObject[] | FileOrBuffer | JsonObject, options?: {
onProgress: (event: UploadProgressEvent) => void;
}): Promise<UploadResult>;


dataFileOrBuffer[] | JsonObject[] | FileOrBuffer | JsonObjectAn array of file data or an array of JSON metadata to upload to IPFS
options{ onProgress: (event: UploadProgressEvent) => void; }(Optional) Optional. Upload progress callback.



The IPFS hash of the directory that holds all the uploaded data