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AuctionListing interface

Represents a new marketplace auction listing.


export interface AuctionListing


assetNFTMetadataThe asset being listed.
assetContractAddressstringThe address of the asset being listed.
buyoutCurrencyValuePerTokenCurrencyValueThe CurrencyValue of the buyout price listing. Useful for displaying the price information.
buyoutPriceBigNumberThe buyout price of the listing.
currencyContractAddressstringThe address of the currency to accept for the listing.
endTimeInEpochSecondsBigNumberishNumber of seconds until the auction expires.
idstringThe id of the listing
quantityBigNumberishThe quantity of tokens to include in the listing.For ERC721s, this value should always be 1 (and will be forced internally regardless of what is passed here).
reservePriceBigNumberThe reserve price is the minimum price that a bid must be in order to be accepted.
reservePriceCurrencyValuePerTokenCurrencyValueThe CurrencyValue of the reserve price. Useful for displaying the price information.
sellerAddressstringThe address of the seller.
startTimeInEpochSecondsBigNumberishThe start time of the listing.
tokenIdBigNumberishThe ID of the token to list.