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DropErc1155ClaimConditions class

Manages claim conditions for Edition Drop contracts


export declare class DropErc1155ClaimConditions<TContract extends DropERC1155 | BaseClaimConditionERC1155>


(constructor)(contractWrapper, metadata, storage)Constructs a new instance of the DropErc1155ClaimConditions class


canClaim(tokenId, quantity, addressToCheck)Can Claim
getActive(tokenId)Get the currently active claim condition
getAll(tokenId)Get all the claim conditions
getClaimIneligibilityReasons(tokenId, quantity, addressToCheck)For any claim conditions that a particular wallet is violating, this function returns human-readable information about the breaks in the condition that can be used to inform the user.
prepareClaim(tokenId, quantity, checkERC20Allowance)Returns proofs and the overrides required for the transaction.
set(tokenId, claimConditionInputs, resetClaimEligibilityForAll)Set claim conditions on a single NFT
setBatch(claimConditionsForToken, resetClaimEligibilityForAll)Set claim conditions on multiple NFTs at once
update(tokenId, index, claimConditionInput)Update a single claim condition with new data.