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Pack.createTo() method

Create Pack To Wallet


const pack = {
// The metadata for the pack NFT itself
packMetadata: {
name: "My Pack",
description: "This is a new pack",
image: "ipfs://...",
// ERC20 rewards to be included in the pack
erc20Rewards: [
assetContract: "0x...",
quantityPerReward: 5,
quantity: 100,
totalRewards: 20,
// ERC721 rewards to be included in the pack
erc721Rewards: [
assetContract: "0x...",
tokenId: 0,
// ERC1155 rewards to be included in the pack
erc1155Rewards: [
assetContract: "0x...",
tokenId: 0,
quantityPerReward: 1,
totalRewards: 100,
openStartTime: new Date(), // the date that packs can start to be opened, defaults to now
rewardsPerPack: 1, // the number of rewards in each pack, defaults to 1

const tx = await contract.createTo("0x...", pack);


createTo(to: string, metadataWithRewards: PackMetadataInput): Promise<TransactionResultWithId<EditionMetadata>>;


tostringthe address to mint the pack to
metadataWithRewardsPackMetadataInputthe metadata and rewards to include in the pack




Create a new pack with the given metadata and rewards and mint it to the specified address.