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Using Custom Contracts

With the thirdweb SDK, you can get an SDK interface for any contract. That's right - the thirdweb SDK doesn't only support thirdweb contracts, it supports any contract that you want to use with it and gives you all the convenience of using the thirdweb SDK without the pain of dealing with low level libraries or managing your own ABIs.

Let's take a look at how we can use this functionality!

Getting a Custom Contract Instance

If you've published and deployed your contracts with the Thirdweb CLI, the process of using custom contracts looks like the following:

# Just pass in the address of your contract and your ready
custom = sdk.get_contract(<CUSTOM_CONTRACT_ADDRESS>)

That's it! Now you have a custom contract instance which has the full functionality of your contract (we'll go over how to use this functionality soon).

You've just completely eliminated the need to use ABIs or anything of the sort - the thirdweb SDK and publisher handles all of this for you under the hood.

Alternatively, if you didn't publish your contract with the thirdweb CLI, you can manually pass in your contract ABI to get an interface.

abi = ... # Add or import your contract abi
contract = sdk.get_contract_from_abi(<CUSTOM_CONTRACT_ADDRESS>, abi)

Using Contract Functions

Every custom contract gives you direct access to calling every function on your contract through the call method.

All you have to do is pass the name of the function you want to call as the first argument to the call method, and then you can pass any arguments to the function right after.

For example, if I had an NFT custom contract and I wanted to make a read-only call to the balance function with a token ID of 1, I would do the following:

# The first argument is the function name, any subsequent arguments are passed to the function"balance", 1)

Alternatively, if I want to mint an NFT on my custom contract, I would want to use the mintTo(address, uri) function. I could do this with the following:

address = "0x..."
uri = "ipfs://...""mintTo", address, uri)

Even better, if you're contract implements common interfaces recognized by the thirdweb SDK, we'll give you even nicer convenience functions to make these function calls. For example, let's say my contract implements the ERC721 interface. If I want to call the balance function, I could also do the following:

# ERC721 functions are scoped to the "nft" name space

The benefit of using this is that you all details around how data needs to get prepared and passed into your contracts gets handled for you in our namespaces interface methods, meaning that you don't have to worry about formatting data or making necessary calls before your transactions.

Supported Interfaces

Below is a list of all the currently supported contract interfaces and their corresponding namespaces: