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useNFT() function

This feature is currently in beta and may change based on feedback that we receive.

Use this to get an individual NFT token of your NFTContract.

Example 1

const nftDrop = useNFTDrop(<ContractAddress>);
const { data: nft, isLoading, error } = useNFT(nftDrop, <tokenId>);

Example 2

const { contract } = useContract(<ContractAddress>);
const { data: nft, isLoading, error } = useNFT(contract?.nft, <tokenId>);


export declare function useNFT<TContract extends NFTContract>(
contract: RequiredParam<TContract>,
tokenId: RequiredParam<BigNumberish>,
): import("@tanstack/react-query").UseQueryResult<NFT<TContract>, unknown>;


contractRequiredParam<TContract>an instance of a NFTContract
tokenIdRequiredParam<BigNumberish>the tokenId to look up


import("@tanstack/react-query").UseQueryResult<NFT<TContract>, unknown>

a response object that includes the metadata for the given tokenId