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Platform Overview

thirdweb is a development framework that allows you to build web3 functionality into your applications.

We provide workflows to speed up your development, including:

  1. Contracts you can use to build the foundation of your web3 functionality.
  2. SDKs to create applications that interact with the blockchain in your favorite languages.
  3. Dashboards to manage your contract settings, team permissions, revenue streams, and analytics.
thirdweb Core Pillarsthirdweb Core Pillars
Quick Start

Want to start building and see what you can do? Check out the Getting Started guide.


Deploying smart contracts is the first step of building any web3 application.

You can deploy one of our pre-built contracts for more common use cases (NFTs, tokens, marketplaces), or you can build your own smart contract with our contract extensions and ship it with deploy.

Our pre-built contracts are:

  • Fully open-source on GitHub
  • Consistently audited by trusted firms
  • 10x cheaper to deploy than ordinary smart contracts
  • Completely owned by you


We provide a diverse set of tools to help you build your applications with whatever languages and frameworks you are most comfortable using:

We have SDKs to handle interaction with your contracts in multiple languages and offer plug-and-play frontend components to help you build elegant user interfaces around your smart contract functionality.


We provide you with an inuitive dashboard to manage your applications.

This lets you perform common admin operations for your projects without any code, such as:

  • Deploying new smart contracts and interacting with current contracts
  • Configuring royalty and platform fees or other contract settings
  • Issuing team-wide permissions to enable collaboration
  • Gathering insights from your smart contract analytics