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Using the CLI, run the following command to publish your smart contracts to the world's first on-chain smart contract registry; where anyone can view and deploy it from the dashboard.

npx thirdweb release

Releasing Contracts

By releasing your contract onto the thirdweb registry, you unlock a way of creating versioned deployments of your contracts. When you publish a new version, you can easily deploy it to any of our supported networks in one click, without exposing your private key at any point.

We also create a public landing page for both your wallet and your smart contract, where the metadata, author, release notes, and source code is all publicly available and stored on-chain.

These pages are accessible by anyone and allow users who visit them to:

  • View the author and the source of the contract
  • Call the functions of the contract directly from the dashboard using their connected wallet
  • Deploy a copy of the contract themselves

Release Page