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Choosing the Right Pre-Built Contract

Picking the contract that best suits your project can be made with a few key decisions:

  1. What kind of project am I building? (NFTs, ERC20 tokens, a marketplace, etc.)
  2. In what way do I want to release my project? (To be claimed by others, or just minted to me?)

Which Contract Should I Use?

Below is a quiz that will help you decide which contract to use!

What kind of project are you building?

Available Pre-Built Contracts

Below is a list of all the currently available pre-built contracts.

Signature DropERC721AGas-optimized NFT Drop with a claim phase and optional signature-based minting
NFT DropERC721Standard NFT Drop with lazy minting and claim phases
Edition DropERC1155Multiple copies of each NFT claimed/minted by others; each token has claim phases
NFT CollectionERC721A standard ERC721 NFT Collection that is not claimed/minted by others
EditionERC1155A collection of NFTs with a set quantity per NFT
PackERC1155Bundle tokens together into a new NFT that can be opened to reveal random tokens
MultiwrapERC721Bundle tokens together into a new NFT that is transparent
Token DropERC20Release your token to be claimed/minted by others
TokenERC20Create a token that is not claimed by others
MarketplaceN/AAn open marketplace to buy and sell ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs
SplitN/ARevenue share with set percentages
VoteN/AVote on proposals raised by token holders